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Learn More about Northeastern Ontario’s HVAC Specialists

Jack Dougan Associates (JDA) was established in 1967 by Robert John (Jack) Dougan. Over the decades, JDA has operated as a successful, family-run business. Today it is owned and operated by Jack’s youngest son Timothy, who has been a part of the organization since 1987. Through the years of operation, our team has gained vital experience in the knowledge and application of commercial and industrial heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Location and Territory

JDA’s office is located in Lively, Ontario, which is a part of the Greater City of Sudbury. We serve Northeastern Ontario, which exceeds a sales territory of 90,000 square miles. Modern technology does make the job of looking after such a large area much easier; however, extensive travelling is still required to get our job done successfully.

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Jack Dougan Associates’ Mission Statement

The foundation of JDA’s longevity is based on cultivating and maintaining long-term relationships through trust, integrity, and exceptional service to our client base. Our goals and decisions are made for the long term, aligning with quality products provided by our trusted manufacturers.

Contact Jack Dougan Associates to discuss what heating and cooling solutions you require.

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