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Ensure a Healthy Environment with Indoor Air Quality Solutions from JDA

While we often talk about the pollutants outside, indoor air quality can be just as toxic, especially for those working in hazardous work environments. At Jack Dougan Associates (JDA), we supply air quality solutions to commercial and industrial clients all over Northeastern Ontario. We have access to products such as air purifiers, dust and fume collectors, medium- and high-efficiency filters, and more!

JDA provides equipment and systems to clean up dust, mist, fumes, or gaseous contaminants from almost any manufacturing process (welding, grinding, woodworking, laser and plasma tables, ore crushing and conveying, sand blasting, machining processes, pharmaceuticals, and many others).

Indoor air quality can have a major impact on your health and well-being. It is very important to use properly designed, high-quality air pollution control systems.

Turn to JDA to learn more about all air quality solutions for your warehouse, office, factory, or any other project. Contact us.


Camfil Inc


Filter systems


Camfil APC
Dust collectors
Handte wet scrubbers
Oil mist collectors


Fume arms
Fume extractors

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