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Northeastern Ontario's HVAC Representative

Let Us Help You Find the Right Cooling Solution for Your Application!

Many areas require special cooling solutions. Whether you have a commercial building, a new build, underground, a server room, or an area with a critical heat load, we have the answers.

We can help custom design a chiller, offer heat pump suggestions, or even offer advice on the most efficient packaged and split systems. Call us today for our expert advice.


Climateworx International Inc
Computer server and control room AC units

DryOTron_Dectron RefPlus_01

Dectron® Refplus®
Air purification
Energy recovery systems


Environmental Technologies®
Fan coils
Air handling units


ERVs (Energy Recovery Ventilation)
DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems)


Split air conditioning
Heat pumps

Solution Air

(Formerly PMI)

Custom AHUs complete with cooling

Keep cool – contact Jack Dougan Associates to learn more about the cooling equipment we supply.

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